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STF-Web Designs

STF-Web Designs is a Canadian web design company specializing in clean adaptive and fluid web designs.

We believe that every business should have a web presence and compete on an equal basis in the worldwide marketplace.

We use HTML5 & CSS3 based layout and ensure that your awesome web designs are accessible to allow visitors with vision difficulties to view your website with the aid of screen reader technology to ensure that your site meets industry best practice.

Your unique website will be fully responsive to ensure that it will automatically resize and reformat to look good and work well on any size screen from the smallest cell phone to the largest monitor.


Our affordable small business web design is effective and search engine optimized. We use all of our knowledge and experience to ensure that your expectations are not only met but surpassed. We aren’t satisfied with your company website until you are.

We can arrange hosting for your new website and will set up your new email addresses if you want us to. We will even set up your auto responders if you need us to in fact as a full service web design, internet marketing and seo company we can assist you in all marketing and seo requirements.

STF-Webdesigns, based in beautiful Northern Ontario is more than just an affordable web design company. All of our unique web pages are optimized for their own researched keywords and we are here to help you achieve top positions in the major search engines.

We will even discuss pay monthly web design, marketing and seo options to make achieving success for your awesome small business website an affordable option.

If you are interested in promoting your company online and need an affordable and professional full service web design company please contact us.

full service web design

STF-web Designs is a professional full service web design company. We will listen closely to you and make sure we understand your company web design requirements. When we are sure we understand your requirements we will send you a written quote.

We will work closely with you to formulate a plan of action and approximate time frame.

We will provide you with a swatch of the color scheme that has been discussed for your final approval and receive any text/content, graphics and literature etc.

We will provide a jpg image of your homepage for your consideration and make reasonable revisions as needed to ensure you are satisfied and give your final approval.

Once we have your approval of the jpg composite image we will begin to code your company website as it appears in the jpg.

We will use HTML5 and CSS based layout and ensure that it is accessible to allow visitors with vision difficulties to view your website with the aid of screen readers to ensure that your site meets industry best practice.

Professional SEO Service

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and although the process of seo is a complicated one the object is to rank highly in the search engines for particular keywords or phrases so that your website appears in the search results when your keywords are used by people for a search.

What is the importance of search engine optimization?

The purpose of most websites is to make money and the internet is indeed an excellent medium for putting your product in front of a worldwide audience. You might have the world’s most awesome website and sell the world’s most sought after product but still not make a single sale, in fact, not even get a visitor. The reason is simple….your site is invisible. Even if a million people were to do a search for your product by name they still may not find your website and spend their money with you because your website is not in the search results. You need to be in the top 30 results because searchers rarely look past the 3rd page of the search results.


Maintenance - Marketing

STF-Web Designs offers a complete website maintenance service for websites we have designed or as a separate service for clients with websites built elsewhere.

We offer affordable annual or monthly website maintenance packages and also one time website maintenance and updates.

STF-Web Designs also offers a website monitoring service and can inform you via email when your site goes down and how long it stays down for.

We offer complete Social Media Marketing Plans which include actively listening for the use of your relevant terms so that potential customers can be engaged with on social media.

We can arrange web hosting for you and set up your email addresses. We will even create and manage your auto responders if you would like us to.